เครื่องชงกาแฟสด เครื่องบดกาแฟสด ออลอินวัน

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Electric coffee maker household small automatic

American coffee machine All-in-one

เครื่องชงกาแฟสด เครื่องบดกาแฟสด ออลอินวัน

1、Large capacity for fast brewing: 60 seconds to drink coffee.Removable water reservoir (1.2L) with water level indicator .These features make it becoming an ideal coffee machine for office use.
2、Filter coffee machine: easy to operate, with a water level indicator, you can choose to set the number of cups in the coffee machine, up to ten cups at a time.
3、Special brewing system:It can use either coffee beans or ground coffee powder .
4、Intelligent temperature control chip, not only to reach 92 ℃, but also to stabilize at 92 ℃ to ensure the pure taste of coffee
5、Anti-drip and heat preservation function: If there is no kettle, the anti-drip design will prevent coffee dispensing, built-in insulation heater and automatic insulation for 2 hours.
6、The cleaning method is simple: no need to buy expensive filter paper, because the coffee machine’s filter paper and brewing bucket are easy to remove and clean, but can still be used.
7、Special cooking system: extract more flavor from coffee and extract the aroma of coffee to make the coffee taste more fragrant and more pure.
8、3 levels of coffee denseness adjustment: light, medium and thick
9、 DIY creative grinder, intelligent split cup system, intelligent temperature control 92 degrees Celsius brewing
10、Simple operation: just one button, intuitive interface LCD display, easy to choose your favorite settings, brew delicious coffee
11、Stainless steel decorative panel, high density filter coffee
12、 Suitable for hotels, rooms, offices, kitchens, etc., making your coffee more convenient.

Additional information

Brand Name


Petrus Model


Capacity (Cup)

5-10 cups

Power (W)



Cafe American


Drip Coffee Maker

Voltage (V)


Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Model Number



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