ปลอกแขนนิรภัย ป้องกันของมีคม ทอจากใยเหล็กสีเทา

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Dark Grey
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Grey Safety Cut Heat Resistant Sleeves Arm Guard Protection Armband Gloves Workplace Safety Protection safety gloves anti cut

ปลอกแขนนิรภัย ป้องกันของมีคม ทอจากใยเหล็ก

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1. Cut Resistant fiber manufacturing, with a tiny mouth
2. Can increase the protection of the arm
3. To protect the forearm against high temperature, heating and cutting
4. Anti-cut arm guard with superior anti-cut performance. Wear resistance, gloves 7-pin weaving light and thin design, good flexibility and high hand feel, left and right hands can be interchangeable, can be machine and dry, small shrinkage, no need to pair after cleaning, circulation Use to extend the service life.
5. Can effectively protect the hands from being cut by knife and other sharp objects.
6. Excellent slip performance protection does not fall off when grabbing objects.
1. Durable goods
2. The car industry
3. Metal stamping
4. Glass and porcelain industry
5. Industrial cut-proof
6. glass factory cut-proof,
7. gardening
8. field protection
9. construction industry
Material: HPPE
Color: Grey

สินค้าจากต่างประเทศจัดส่ง 12-22วัน

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